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Ms. Lynn Summers
Business Support Specialist
  Geographic Resources Center office and
fiscal duties

1205 University Place
Suite 1700-B
(573) 882-6606

Mr. Timothy L. Haithcoat
Program Director
Sr. Research Specialist
Mr. T. Haithcoat
Natural Resources, Network Analysis,
Remote Sensing,
Census Applications
Room 111B Mizzou North
(573) 882-2324
Mr. James D. Harlan
Assistant Program Director
Sr. Research Specialist
Mr. J. D. Harlan
Cultural / Economic Geography, Data Development, Surface Modeling

Mr. Bryan Mayhan
Research Associate

Bryan Mayhan GIS analysis & application development using ArcInfo GIS & AML programming. Internet data system development. Pedology/Soil Geography Hydrology. Automated mapping & digital cartography. Aerial Photo Interpretation & Digital Image Processing. Physical Geography. Natural Hazards Room 106 Mizzou North
Mr. Tom Vought
Research Specialist II
Tom Vought Geographic Information Systems Room 112A Mizzou North
(573) 882-3233
Mr. Martin Wills
iNet Administrator
Mr. M. Wills
Website design, Server administration, Hardware and software maintenance Room 107 Mizzou North